Stuart Day - Bus Driver

Stuart Day - Bus Driver

I worked at the old Rover factory for 20 years before joining National Express. As I've been here since November 2000, you could say I'm used to being around vehicles! Saying that, I joined National Express as I really wanted to be a Bus Driver. It’s a great job where I'm out and about all day rather than being stuck in an office or factory, and I get to meet a variety of people and help them get around.

I live just off one of my routes, so I'm very familiar with the area and after all this time, I know a lot of the faces too. That's the great thing about the job - you get to know your regulars.

Probably my proudest achievement here was passing my Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) NVQ Level 3. There was a lot more to it than the practical exam, the paperwork was tough as well, and it was a real buzz to finally get my licence.

Talking of buzzes - there's nothing quite like the atmosphere at the garage. We've a good bunch here, and there's always lots of banter. They're a big reason why I'm more than happy to keep on driving for another 10 years, then start thinking about retirement.

Before then though, I'll be making the most of all the free travel. Between all the trips, holidays and visits to friends and family I've made, my coach and bus passes have saved me an awful lot of money and I intend to continue making the most of them.

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